Fractional CMO Service for early-stage B2B SAAS Startups

Take your SaaS business to new heights with our service which combines strategic marketing wisdom with leadership.

High-impact to improve your business

Unlock exponential growth for your SaaS startup with tailored strategies, driving your business forward in today’s competitive landscape.

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The key pieces of our service

With tools to make every part of your process more human and a support team excited to help you.


Develop precise positioning for your SaaS startup with Funnelepic, crafting a unique market niche that sets you apart from the competition.

Ideal Customer Profile

Ideal Customer Profile

Identify and define your Ideal Customer Profile with Funnelepic’s expertise, ensuring your SaaS startup targets and engages the most relevant and profitable audience.



Master the art of prioritization with Funnelepic, strategically aligning your SaaS startup’s resources and efforts for maximum impact and efficiency.

Go-to-market Strategy

Go-to-market Strategy

Craft a winning GTM Strategy with Funnelepic, propelling your SaaS startup towards market success with a clear, effective roadmap.



Accelerate your journey with Funnelepic, providing the strategic guidance and support your SaaS startup needs to expand effectively and sustainably.

Best plans for your growth

Choose your way to partner with us


We build and implement a custom go-to-market strategy as your stage.

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Feeling stuck or unsure your growth journey. Let Funnelepic illuminate your path.

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GTM Strategy

Experience our productized GTM strategy. It’s streamlined, efficient and tailored only for you.

$3000 / one-time

What our customers say

We may not guarantee success, but we promise to be a dedicated and integral member of your team, fully committed to your growth journey.

“We are very happy with the team. They are like one of us, not like an external consultant. Having a team that we can consult on all kinds of issues related to our business has made us very comfortable.”

Murat Akarsu

Head of Customer Success @Adisyo

“As a team, you are energetic, dynamic and highly communicative. Even if we are late in returning on some issues, you do not let go and persistently try to get an answer. You inspire confidence to us about your expertise. It is also a very correct method to communicate with other stakeholders on our behalf, but by informing us at every step. Thus, we can easily focus on our main issues.”

Mehmet Onur

Head of Operations @Bizim Hesap

Ready to meet your fractional CMO?

Eliminate the guesswork from your business growth with the expertise of a Funnelepic CMO, who will help you boost your MQLs, ARPU, and LTV, and efficiently reduce your CAC.

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about our service.

Is my CMO part-time? How many hours per week can I count on him/her?

Your CMO is always available, just like a full-time team member of your executive team. We provide a shared model, not part-time. We have a team of professionals that will be dedicated to your project. This allows your CMO to focus their attention on leading your marketing function.

What does a typical workday for a Fractional/Shared CMO look like?

Weekly Team meeting (including prep and follow up) – 3 hours

Reporting to the CEO (1-1, based on Core KPIs) – 1 hour

Updating and acting on Marketing Dashboard and Performance – 1 hour

1-1s with the team members (planning, coaching, follow up) – 6 hours

Managing vendors, subcontractors, agencies – 3 hours

Individual work on strategy, competition, positioning, partnerships, hiring – 4 hours

Working as part of the company executive team (meetings, 1-1s, alignment) – 4 hours

Can I announce my new CMO-as-a-Service publicly as "my" CMO? Can I send out a press release?

Yes, your CMO is a “real CMO” who is on your leadership team, and officially able to represent your company. By all means, let’s get the word out.

Will my CMO work onsite, together with my team?

Your CMO will meet your team early in the engagement, and be onsite at least quarterly. In addition, your CMO will join your critical leadership team meetings.

Most of the work will be done remotely. We have found that building a virtual team works very well for SaaS Marketing Teams. Using modern technologies like Zoom Video Meetings and planning tools like Trello help a team be very focused on the work. In team meetings, everyone will use video to ensure maximum, focused participation. More on the best practices we use are described in Jason Fried’s book, REMOTE, where he describes how his team built some of the most successful SaaS companies using 100% remote teams.

Is my CMO part of my Management Team? Will my CMO join me for critical executive engagements like meetings with our Board of Directors?

Yes, your CMO is a “normal” CMO who you can count on to be 100% part of your executive team, including all the obligations that come with that expectation. They can be presented on your website, and participate in your leadership team and board meetings as appropriate.