Something happened to SAAS marketing.
The world of SaaS marketing has been quite the rollercoaster ride! From the early days of email reigning supreme, to SEO and content marketing taking over, and then the social media explosion – it’s been a wild journey! We’ve seen marketing automation, personalization, and ABM rise to fame, and now AI and machine learning are the talk of the town.
But let’s not forget one thing that’s remained the same: marketing is all about connections and building relationships. Gone are the days of pushing features and one-time pitches. It’s time to embrace the new way: continuous engagement, where every message matters.
Old way: sell once. New way: engage always. It’s a different game.

But there is a problem at this game.

Early-stage B2B SAAS startups often encounter a multitude of marketing challenges:

  • Limited budget and resources, making it difficult to execute effective marketing campaigns.
  • Lack of in-house marketing expertise, leading to inefficient strategies and slow growth.
  • Inability to hire a full-time CMO or marketing team due to budget constraints and the need to focus on product development.
We understand these struggles, and that’s where Funnelepic comes in.
We’re Funnelepic, your not-so-traditional CMO dream team! We’re like the Voltron of CMOs – four experts combined into one powerful force.
  • Not advisors, part of your team
  • Orchestrating in-house and all necessary growth partners
With Funnelepic by your side, you won’t just keep up with the pace – you’ll set it! 
So, let’s ditch the old ways and embark on this epic journey together. Say hello to the future of SaaS marketing!
Stay awesome.

Emre Doğaner
CMO Team Lead, Funnelepic