Pre-seed Marketing Workshop for B2B SAAS Startups

We’ll help you sharpen your positioning, ICP and marketing roadmap so your product is instantly clear to investors through our Pre-seed GTM Checkup

As you start your journey you have uncertainties about 3 pillars of your marketing foundation.



You’re not sure how to differentiate your startup at a competitive market.

Ideal Customer Profile

Ideal Customer Profile

You’re not sure which opportunities to decline.

GTM Readiness

GTM Readiness

You’re not sure how first 3 months should look like before GTM.

We help you answer 30 questions the top investors ask.

Learn How to Differentiate Your Startup

Voltron of CMOs will help you understand your unique position so your marketing communications resonate with your target audience.

Find the Answer On Who to Focus- and Who to Avoid

We will help you define one single customer segment/use case that will bring you alone $1M ARR.

Build Your 3 Months Roadmap

We will help you check your readiness before GTM via focusing your growth leverages, tech stack, team and resources.

Choose your plan

Start your unicorn journey choosing suitable way.

Pre-Seed Marketing Workshop

Ideal for mid/large teams to set a solid marketing foundation.

  • Pre-seed GTM Checkup
  • Positioning
  • ICP
  • GTM Readiness
  • 4 sessions
* $1500 for founder-led / small teams – ask for discount. This is the way we give back to our community.


For Venture Capitals & Accelerators

Give your investment portfolio companies opportunity to set a solid marketing foundation.

What our workshop alumni say

Loved and trusted by people all over the world.

“I can't say enough about Datavi. Datavi has really helped our business.”

Esther Howard
Web Designer

“We can't understand how we've been living without Datavi.”

Brooklyn Simmons
President of Sales

“Coordination of activities improved tremendously with Datavi.”

Robert Fox
Marketing Coordinator

Workshop FAQ

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What is the Pre-seed Marketing Workshop for B2B SAAS Startups about?

The workshop focuses on sharpening your positioning, Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), and marketing roadmap to make your product clear to investors through the Pre-seed GTM Checkup™. It helps address uncertainties in the three pillars of your marketing foundation and provides insights on differentiating your startup.

What key questions does the workshop help answer?

The workshop assists in answering 30 questions that top investors commonly ask, aiding in understanding your unique position and ensuring that your marketing communications resonate with your target audience.

How does the workshop help in defining the target audience?

It guides in defining a single customer segment/use case that can potentially bring in $1M ARR, helping you focus on the right customers and avoid those that may not align with your goals.

What does the 3 Months Roadmap entail?

The workshop helps in building a 3-month roadmap by assessing your readiness before Go-To-Market (GTM) through focusing on growth levers, tech stack, team, and resources.

What are the different workshop plans available?

There are two main plans: one for Founder-Led/Small Teams (1-5 members) and another for Mid/Large Teams. The Founder-Led plan includes 2 sessions and costs $1000, while the Mid/Large Teams plan includes 4 sessions and costs $3500.

Who can benefit from the workshop?

The workshop is ideal for small teams looking to establish a solid marketing foundation, as well as mid/large teams seeking to enhance their marketing strategies and readiness for growth.